A Day in the Life


I grew up with three brothers and while I wouldn’t give them up for the world, there were times when I could have used some sisterly love. Especially during Premier League matches when mum and I were kicked out of the living room while the ‘men’ took over the TV. Every day with my brothers has been a blessing but I have met and become friends with many wonderful women so I want to use this opportunity to celebrate each and every one of them and let them know how much they mean to me.

Having strong, loving, open connections with other women is not just a nice to have, it’s essential to the health, happiness and wholeness of our hearts and souls as women – Christine Arylo, Huffpost

Where would I be without this woman, my sweet mother! Josephine Ojo was the first woman I found a sister in. I love my mum unconditionally and I love spending time with her even more! When I was growing up people used to call me “mummy’s handbag” because like her ever fashionable purse, I was never far from her side. I know it’s cliche but my mum is my best friend, from making me learn how to cook, an activity that we have bonded over endless times, to calling me when she feels left out of her house full of men, it really has been us against the world. I enjoy every activity we do together and my time away at college has made me cherish this relationship that I often took for granted even more. Despite the fact that she is my mother she has been my best friend for as long as I can remember, no one knows me better than she does and I like to think I know her pretty well. Here’s to many more years of me forgetting to text you back, to hearing all of the advice you could possibly have for me and more adventures together!

Second only to my mum, come the friends I made at the best place on earth! While many of my classmates might disagree, I honestly think Lagoon Secondary School is the best place in the world. It is an all girls Catholic-affiliated secondary school that I had the privilege of attending for six years. At Lagoon, I met some of my closest friends who have become family. The bonds forged during those years will never be broken, no matter how many times they might be put to the test. And trust me they have, from gossip, fights, distance, boys, lies, lack of communication, new friendships and even death, the women I grew up with are the ones that I will grow old with. We always seek each other out again, whether it be spontaneous lunch dates in Lagos, running into each other at concerts, impromptu visits or taking makeup classes together, our sisterhood surpasses every obstacle. I’ve had this conversation with many of you before but my dream is for all of my girls to be successful, happy, fulfilled and to never forget each other. I have dreams of us sitting on each other’s porches, sipping tea, watching our grandchildren play. I treasure each of you and I know I haven’t said it enough so here it is. No matter how much distance there is between us you are always in my heart, no matter how scarcely I call or text you, I am thinking about you every day, no matter how many times we fight or do not get along, I love you. You guys are my sisters and I am lucky to have so many intelligent, beautiful, strong women in my life.

When I chose Wittenberg University, finding a sisterhood was the last thing on my mind. I had my Lagoon girls so I was not ready when God blessed me with the love of some fantastic women. This place has given me some of the most genuine friendships of my life. From youth ministry to being an RA, I have met women who took me under their wing, stayed up for countless hours with me, sought the Lord with me and danced with me. I have found sisters in the most unexpected places on campus and I am overjoyed every day that I get to spend with them. I thought I was done making girlfriends after secondary school but I am thankful for each and every one of you. We celebrate each other’s diversity, scold each other when one is acting out and are always ready for a Taco Bell run. To those of you graduating, I don’t know where you think you’re going because you’re not allowed to leave without me.

To my sorority sisters, first of all, I didn’t believe in a million years that I would join a sorority so thank you, Cayla, for loving me so much that you extended your sisterhood to me. Sorority life has been an adventure and I have to admit that I’ve taken it for granted many times. However, our seniors are graduating in a few weeks and it’s been difficult to wrap my head around that fact, so I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about what the women in my life mean to me which is what spurred this topic. In the big green house on Wittenberg Avenue, I have found women who are always down for a good time, women whose wisdom is far beyond their years and most importantly women that lift each other up. Thank you for giving me a little and grand little that I adore, a smiling face in every class and some of the most turnt nights of my college career.

I know this is a little choppy and probably not my best work but its alright. I started this journey with no biological sisters and along the line, friendships have blossomed into sisterhoods. I am incredibly lucky to have such a strong group of women to call mine, you each have left a little sparkle in my life and my parents need to get with the program and start filling out the adoption papers so we can make it official.

“Here’s to strong women. May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them.”- Unknown




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