New Beginnings…

Hello friends,

Welcome to the first post on my very own blog. I can’t believe I’m typing these words either! Writing has always been a sidelined passion of mine, it started in secondary school with numerous little notebooks filled with stories I would pass around amongst my classmates and have them sign their names at the end of with their favorite parts of the story or any critique they had for me (shout out to every one of my amateur editors). I cherished those little books and I clearly remember staying up long after everyone else had gone to bed to write and dream up tales of love and tragedy. My words have always taken me to a better place, they have proven to be an escape from the world around me many times and a refuge when it all got a little too hard to bear. Most importantly writing makes me happy, I am most content when I put the final period at the end of a particularly moving piece and that is exactly why I have turned back to this medium of expression again.

You see I started this blog during the infamous #summersixteen, I had just turned 18 years old, my future was a blank page and I needed a way to document all the amazing things that were happening to me. I was also inspired by the short blog series I wrote for the DIS study abroad blog during my summer studying in Denmark. The raving reviews I got from my editor each week assured me that my voice could be heard and enjoyed by people other than my mum. This affirmation set off my quest to discover how to run a successful blog. I spent hours online pouring through the pages of bloggers that I loved, researching what interesting content looked like and how I could make something as insignificant as a series of numbers translated into words and pictures on our computer screens mean something to someone other than myself. My developing blog was my infant and I was more than ready to dedicate several hours a week to nurture it into a medium I was proud of. As it usually does my inspiration and seemingly endless energy started to burn out and I slowly but surely tore myself away from my keyboard. August came, school started and I started to push the deadlines I had set for myself further back. I told myself I would publish my first post by September 30th, it then became October 30th and so on until by December, my dreams of writing to inspire became a distant memory.

Then something life-changing happened. On Friday the 14th of April 2017 I was awoken to the news that one of my closest friends had passed away. In that moment every worry or fear I harbored became insignificant, I vowed to live my life to the fullest in every facet just as my dear friend did. She was an angel on earth who inspired so many in her passing to do better and be better. When this blog was only a string of thoughts in my head last year she was one of the few people I reached out to with my ideas. I was so eager to hear her opinion on everything from site design to the subject matter. I sent her every single idea I had, eagerly awaiting her approval. She was just excited as I was and encouraged me through my moments of self-doubt. I have realized how short our time on this earth really is and because of this, I am committed to making an effort to share my thoughts with whoever cares to listen.

I do not intend through this blog to change the world or achieve any type of fame. As I mentioned earlier writing has always brought me joy (my Wattpad pages with three uncompleted stories is a testament to that) and recent events have shown me how important it is to live our truth. I hope to make this a virtual journal of sorts. I have big dreams that I know will come with many trials on the way and I would like to document my journey to fulfillment. Life is short and in my 19 years on this earth, I have learned so much about love, faith, patience, pain, humility, and discipleship.  I have no doubt that sticking with this vow will be a trial on its own but I have faith that no matter how many times I feel too discouraged to write or do not have the “time” I will begin again. I hope that you will follow me on this path of self-discovery and maybe take something away from my musings.

(Can we talk about that picture of me…  what a stunner amiright?)



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